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Community Learning Centers

School Centers and communities (CLCs), also known as “community schools”, support student success and contribute to the vitality of English-speaking communities in Quebec.

About CLCs

English school network embraced the community school philosophy in 2006, when the Ministry of Education introduced The Community Learning Centre Initiative (CLC) to support student achievement and contribute to the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking minority language community.

Like other ‘community-school’ movements across the world, participating schools strengthen academic and developmental outcomes for youth by building up connections between schools, families, local organizations, regional and provincial bodies. These connections set the stage for improved coordination and access to resources. Follow the link to learn more about the community school movement in your country and abroad.

Contact Information

Ashley Babin-Duguay, Development Officer
Telephone: 418 379-2107

Fay Collier, Recreational Technician
Telephone: 418 773-2500

Helen Morency, Recreational Technician
Telephone: 418 795-3391

Michael Martin, Recreational Technician
Telephone: 418 787-2107

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