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Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund is a financial aid for the transportation, in case of an emergency, of a family member, such as a parent, sister, brother or legal guardian, of a child who is in a critical condition or for the transportation of a child in the reverse situation.

The Emergency Fund has been in existence for several years and is available to all families residing on the Lower North Shore territory, from Kegaska to Blanc Sablon, including Port-Menier (Anticosti Island), whose children are attending secondary level, college or university studies away from home.

The Emergency Fund consists of donations made by families and only these families can benefit from it. For those who wish to participate, the amount requested is $10.00 for each student attending secondary level, college and university. The amount is to be paid each year.

For more information, please contact the representative of your local governing board who will be able to explain the purpose of the Emergency Fund as well as the steps to follow in order to contribute and benefit from it.