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Educational Services

Complementary Services Request
Intervention Education Plan
Student with Psycho-Social Needs
Mechanism for Complex Case Discussions
Detailed Assessment Report of Incidents of Bullying and Violence
Authorization for Absences

Human Resources

Absence and Vacation
Absence Report
Annual Vacation Request 2023-2024
Transfer Redeemable Sick Days to Vacation
Request for a Sabbatical Leave With Pay
Request for a Full-Time Leave of Absence Without Pay
Request for a Part Time Leave of Absence Without Pay
Annual Vacation Modification Request
Extension of Annual Vacation (Support Staff)
Reimbursement Form
Annual Outings Form
Employee Information Forms
Attestation of the Obligation of Confidentiality and of Conflict of Interest Declaration
Consent to Release Personal Information (Teacher)
Declaration Concerning a Judicial Records
TD1Personal Tax Credits Return
Source Deductions Return
Application for a Teaching Permit or Brevet
Identification Form
Request for Information Concerning all Personnel Receiving an Isolation and Remoteness Premium
Persons at High Risk of Exposure to COVID-19
Professional Improvement Form
Self-identification questionnaire
Request for Progressive Retirement
Head Teacher Form
Conference or Workshop Evaluation
Local Development Project
Medical Forms
Incident or Accident Report
Disability Medical Report – Salary Insurance
Work Sheet Form
Overtime Report

Financial Resources

Travel and Material Reimbursements
Payment Request
Professional Travel Expenses Form


Purchase Order
Deposit Slip for Schools
Petty Cash Form for Schools
Request for Additional Allocation 2021-2022
Complementary Insurance Accident Report (Students)