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Air Quality Test Results

Sept-Îles, May 12, 2021 – The Centre de services scolaire du Littoral (CSSL) has recently completed the analysis of the carbon dioxide (CO2) rate, allowing it to draw up a portrait of the quality of the ventilation in its eleven schools. Thus, the organization was able to transmit its results to the Ministry of Education (MEQ).

A Major Operation With Satisfactory Results

Last January, the MEQ asked all of Quebec’s school service centres to draw up a portrait of the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels for each of their schools. The CSSL quickly entrusted the CO2 analysis to its Material Resources Service team, which has the required expertise in this area.

The average CO2 level for all the CSSL schools, calculated in parts per million (ppm), was 678 ppm. It should be noted that 88 % of our schools averaged less than 1000 ppm and no school exceeded 1500 ppm.

Measures, Results and Specific Interventions

In general, according to the sampling protocol established by the Ministry, the CO2 level was measured by the Material Resources Service team three times during one day in different types of premises, in order to draw a representative picture of the situation in each building. In the school environment, the analyses are considered to be in compliance when the levels measured in a room are less than 1000 ppm. However, they remain acceptable up to 1500 ppm since, in most cases, simple measures such as opening windows can regulate the situation. If this level is higher, various corrective measures and recommendations are applied whether the building is naturally or mechanically ventilated. A protocol for opening windows and doors is recommended, as well as optimal maintenance of the ventilation system for mechanically ventilated buildings.

Test Results in our Facilties

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